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News and Events

June 5th, 2023

We will be taking a walk down to the Firehouse to see the firetrucks and learn more about what they do for us and for our community!

Meal Time

Meal times look different, but we love having our own space!

VBS at the daycare in 2019

Every summer for the past 5 years we have put together VBS. It was a week where Mustard Seed children and our local church children spent the week together learning about God and the stories of the Bible. Our last VBS was last summer learning about the stories of the Bible through games and activities involving lots of water!
The Wacky World of Water was a Vacation Bible School program that took a fun and engaging look at water with Bible lessons that teach eternal truths, plus great games, crafts and much more. Kids learned from stories throughout Scripture that include water-from creation, to the flood, to Jesus’ walking on water and calming the storm… and they might even get a little wet along the way!
This is a long standing tradition that had to be put on hold this summer, but we will bring it back!