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Our curriculum is designed to support the 6 steps of learning described in our philosophy. The integration of High Scope and our traditional faith based approach to learning provides our children with the benefit of a comprehensive program including activities that are carefully designed using the “plan, do, review” method, Child Observation Record (COR) method for assessment along with the ASQ3 questionnaire, and uniquely with professional development tools for our teachers. Activities are child directed, and teacher supported with approaches to learning that include initiative, engagement, problem solving, and reflection by the students and the teachers individually, as well as within a group.
Our teachers use guided lesson plans to target all areas of development, Early Learning Guidelines, Early Learning Standards, and follow DCFS guidelines for lesson plan requirements. These plans are reviewed by the Director and approved prior to implementation.

Early Childhood programs that provide a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to explore their world, to ask questions, and to find answers through experiences that are an invaluable asset to a community. Children who have the opportunity to be cared for in such and environment, who are treated with love and respect, and who are exposed to the love of God develop the positive self-esteem and confidence to enter elementary school with a strong foundation for learning.

Staffing by Room

Infants 4:1

Toddlers 5:1

Twos 8:1

Preschool 10:1

School Age 20:1